How to Implement Local SEO

Local SEO is a massive opportunity for small to medium businesses to become a big fish in a small pond.  Google localised SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page’s) have changed, giving much more exposure to the local search results.

The benefit for the smaller business is that you can appear above your much larger competitors within these local search results, with only the last few places on page one given to non localised results. If you have not optimised your website or blog for your location you could be missing out on some serious traffic.

If you want to know just how much traffic you are missing out on by not optimising for local search, sign up to Google Adwords (its free) and use the traffic estimator tool, type in the local keyword phrase you would like to be listed for and see just how many local monthly searches your missing out on, you may be quite surprised.

Below I have listed a few things you can do quickly and easily to optimise your website or blog to get you at the top of page one within the search engines and generate more local traffic:

Google Places – This is the most important part of Local SEO, the top spot on any local search is dominated by Google Places listings, this service is free and very easy to set up. The order in which these listings are displayed is dictated by their relevance and level of completion, to give your business the best chance of appearing at the top of these results, make sure you have fully completed your listing and added any relevant pictures.

Localise your on page optimisation – Make sure you include your location within your Meta Description, Keywords and Title tags, also try to include your address on every page of your site and mention location within your content where ever possible. Also try to use a local phone number were possible rather than a generic number i.e. 0800 etc.

Local Directories – Submitting your site to Local Directories is another great way to boost your position within local search results, if you type in a local search 9 times out of 10 you will come across a directory listing from the likes of Yell or Hotfrog. Also conduct a search for “(your location) Directories” this will bring up a list of directories created specifically for your location, you can even get more specific and search for “(your type of business)(your location) Directories” to bring back local directories relating specifically to your business type.

If you are having trouble with any of the above just type in the local search you would like to appear for, look at the top results and take inspiration from what they have done, after all they are in the spot you are aiming for. The great thing about Local SEO is that the larger companies who would normally dominate search results for your business type cannot compete with you when it comes to local searches.

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